Ancient Chavin Religious Centre Discovered

If you thought Peru was only ruled by the Incas prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, you are quite wrong. Several dynasties that did not make it till the arrival of the Spaniards have been lost in the dust of time. A lesser known civilization is that of the Chavin’s. The Chavins formed the bulk of pre-Incan people in Peru and had an extensive culture that was focused around fertility, water and nature.

Just a couple of days ago, Peruvian researchers discovered a 3,000 year old religious centre in Lambayeque, northern Peru. The religious centre is being described as an oracle from the Chavin epoch and it probably was reserved for shamans and priests.

The temple consists of two monoliths which contain images of Chavin culture. Very little known is abroad about pre-Incan cultures and there is a wealth of archaeological treasure dating back to the time before the arrival of the Incas, scattered across this Andean nation.

It would be an interesting and fascinating experience to visit Peru and learn more about peoples who have long been forgotten and worse still, undiscovered. The temple that was recently discovered hints at the possibility of many more sites similar to that one being discovered in the future.

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