Peru and Honduras to Drop Visa Requirements

In what could be termed as one of the most significant bilateral agreements in the recent history of Peru, the country agreed to drop visa requirements for Honduran and its citizens who wish to visit each other’s countries. This can have tremendous impact on bilateral trade, cultural and industrial relationships. Moreover, it can also help drive some tourists to Honduras, which is currently experiencing some of the toughest days it has ever seen.

Honduras lies between the drug highways between South and North America. Ever since Mexico has hardened its stance, Honduras has become the checkpoint for much of the drug cartels that operate within the region.

This has led to a situation in which Honduras is consistently ranked among the countries with the highest rates of homicides. Honduran security forces do not have enough experience and their numbers are small too. Moreover, the country is stagnated with corruption, malpractices and other nefarious activities.

Peru’s decision to drop the visa requirement may pose problem to Peru itself but such a scenario would not be a serious one. Peru has one of the strongest police and military infrastructure in the region and will be able to deal with any new problems that may arise out of this. On the other hand, tourism and business development activities are likely to increase following the decision.

Via: Peru This Week

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