Peru May Ease Immigration Rules for Foreigners

Peru has decided to ease restrictions related to immigration. Many foreigners have begun to flock to Peru thanks to its resources, job opportunities and beautiful locations. In fact, many tourists who visit on vacations fall in love with the country and find ways to stay back, by hook or by crook. Until now, illegal over-stayers have been prosecuted and sent back but Peruvians are taking a hard look at this problem.

Being a country of immigrants itself, Peru understands the aspirations and dreams of people who want to make this Andean country their home. In order to welcome immigrants who may prove to be useful to the country, Peru has decided to ease visa restrictions and welcome foreigners with open arms. 60,000 foreigners arrived in Peru just this year and thousands more are expected in the coming year.

Alberto Adrianzén, Peru’s representative in the Andean Parliament, revealed that he would push for easing of visa restrictions as Peru wants the European Union to ease restrictions for its citizens as well. It remains to be seen how many people make use of this opportunity to stay back in Peru, when that law comes into force.

As far as it is considered right now, Peru is still working on the details of the law and decisions at the formal level have not yet been taken. It is a good idea to let foreigners set up businesses and entrepreneurial projects in the country as it would help Peruvians to make money and find gainful employment as well.

However, the government of Peru may also need to ensure that there isn’t a huge immigration inflow. If that happens, the country will find it difficult to house the new immigrants and provide them with basic facilities. While there are always advantages to immigrant workforce, there are also several disadvantages. We can only wait and observe how Peru will handle its new immigrants’ future.

Via: Peru This Week

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