Pastoruri Glacier in Central Peru May Melt within 10 Years

Peruvian Andes hold some of the most beautiful glaciers in the world and many of them are tourist sites. The Pastoruri glacier in central Peru has been one of the most visited and beautiful tourist spots that dozens of buses drove tourists in its heyday.
Unfortunately, the glacier is melting rapidly and nothing seems to be preventing the eventual melting down. In just 20 years the Pastoruri glacier in central Peru has reduced 50% in its size and in a very short while, the glacier will cease to exist.

Authorities and locals estimate that the glacier will be gone in less than a decade. Meanwhile, authorities, locals and travel agents are desperately trying to attract tourists to visit the glacier while it is still melting. This can prove to be very advantageous. People will realize that the melting of glaciers is not a phenomenon that they read in newspapers but something that can be witnessed as it unfolds.

Global warming, hot summers and increased pollution are to be blamed for the demise of this once-beautiful glacier. Around the glacier, towns had sprung up, entirely supported by the tourist income.

The nearby towns and villages will likely suffer a loss of income once the glacier melts completely. Much of the global warming is because of industrialized and first world countries. Countries like Peru pay the price for other nations environmental malpractices.

However, there might be a bright side to this environmental disaster. With more tourists coming in to watch the dying glacier, the more they may realize how fragile our world really is. Meanwhile, the increased influx of tourists to watch the dying glacier will help the local communities to make some tourism income while it lasts. Peruvian government will probably need to do more to rehabilitate people who solely depend upon tourism income from the glacier at the moment.

If you are planning to visit Peru and want to witness something that is tragic, beautiful yet educational, do not miss the opportunity to go and visit this dying glacier. You will have a lot more than just photographs to show and tell, when you go back to your home country and it will probably help you to spread the word about global warming and melting glaciers.

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