More Than a Million Tourists to Visit Peru and Discover Its Cuisine

It is no secret that Peruvian cuisine is one of the most exotic and complex of them all. Restaurants specializing in Peruvian cuisine have begun to appear across the world, from New York to London to Tokyo. In every country, Peru is known for its cuisine just like it is known for its ancient culture or culture, which is a great thing. Some people just like to discover a country through their stomachs.

Peru is known for its ceviche, aji de gallina, smoked meat, stews and a variety of meats that one can only dream of in other parts of the world. Its exotic liquors and drinks often feature in some of the most prestigious food festivals of the world. That being said, quinoa, one of the healthiest grains in teh world, is grown in Peru and is used commonly in its cuisine.

All this and more has naturally drawn droves of tourists trying to discover authentic Peruvian cuisine, rather than eating at fancy ones in the world’s capitals. More than 40% of tourists or approximately a million people are expected to travel to Peru just to discover its tantalizing cuisine. Peru’s gastronomic sector is huge and it has only begun to grow.

It probably could be the next big thing to happen in Peru, to have tourists coming in droves not just to visit Cusco or Lima, but to taste authentic Andean cuisine. Peruvian food has a trendy appeal and is known for being popular among youngsters as well, adding to the charm.

Next to Brazil, Peru hosts the second largest Japanese population in Latin America. That means, you will get to eat a lot of sushi and other Japanese delicacies. Do make sure that you visit Arequipa, which is known for its cuisine and culinary secrets. Also, the smaller towns in Peru are some of the best places to discover authentic Peruvian cuisine.

Via: Fox News

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