Peru Destroys 8 Tons of Drugs

If you are planning to travel to Peru, you might have already heard and must have been told by a number of people who have travelled in South America that cocaine is very easily available.

While cocaine is illegal in all countries of Latin America, the regulations are not exactly as strict as they are in North America or Europe and it is easy to gain access to illegal drugs. The problem of drug addiction in South American countries is tremendous. Peru is one of the largest producers of coca leaves, which is used to produce cocaine. The government of Peru recently destroyed 8,716 kg of drugs in an effort to reduce consumption and illegal trafficking.

Peru, which is situated in central South America, is halfway between North America and southern countries of the continent. The government has had to formulate regulations and enact them in order to stop the drug cartels from traveling up north and into Europe and North America.

While the law enforcement agencies have tried hard, drug cartels have somehow found a way to circumnavigate law-enforcement agencies and smuggle psychotropic drugs across international borders. This has led to increased crime and violence in many parts of Peru, which has often scared away tourists from visiting the nation. However, the country has pro-actively fought against drug cartels and is vowed not to be the next Mexico or Columbia.

Do you think Peru is doing enough to curb the menace of drug cartels? Will destroying nearly 8 tons of drugs help the country to reduce violence and illicit trades of psychotropic drugs? It is rather confusing sometimes when we are faced with contrasting reposts about drug consumption and drug enforcement laws. However, Peru is the leading light in curbing the menace of drug trafficking. Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via: Global Post

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