More People Seek to Work in Peru

Looks like Peru is not only attracting people from around the world for its tourist spots, but also for the opportunities it provides for those who want to build a career. More and more people have begun to visit Peru in order to work, than was expected just a few months ago. A recent study published by the National Institute for information and Statistics revealed that between January and November 2013, the number of foreigners entering the country increased by 9.1%.

While much of the increase is due to an increased number of tourists, some of them have also started to visit Peru to work. In fact, work visa rate has increased by 13.2%, which is a formidable number in any case. Most of the foreigners who come to work are from Colombia. Colombians are followed by Chile, Argentina and Spain.

All of these countries are Spanish-speaking and with the exception of Spain, are all located in South America. Spain’s economy has been less than stellar and that is one of the reasons why there are a number of Spanish people seeking employment in Peru. This is similar to Portuguese seeking work visas in Angola, Mozambique and Brail. As for Peru’s tourism industry, it is only poised to get better.

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