England to Play Peru In a Friendly

Peru is one of those places where soccer is crazily popular. It is often easy to find groups of youngsters playing soccer at every other spot which points towards a trend that is common throughout Latin America. England will play against Peru by the end of May, in a warm-up friendly at Wembley.

The friendly is expected to happen before England’s team flies to Miami to finalize their World Cup plans. The World Cup is slated to take place in Brazil. England is also expected to play against Ecuador and Honduras, two other Latin American nations. The match against Peru will take place on the 30th of May.

If you are a fan of football, it is a golden opportunity to cheer your favorite team. If you have already visited Peru, you might want to cheer the Peruvian team. And if you are in Lima at that time, expect hordes of football fans on the streets, all trying to cheer for their favorite teams.

Like nature, culture and a penchant for traditions, Peruvians also value their obsession with football and when you visit Peru, it is easy to see why. Football helps people to soak in more sun and sweat it out, before the chilling Andean winds blow.

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