Why You Must Explore Junin and Its Capital

One of the lesser known regions of Peru is Junín, whose capital is Huancayo. The region is located in the central highlands of Peru and is a picturesque destination for those who are looking for an offbeat destination. With a heterogeneous topography, there is something for everyone. Snowy mountains, glaciers, lakes, jungles and deep canyons dot the landscape. Huancayo is not often spoken about among international travelers but the city has many surprises.

Though destroyed by two earthquakes, the city has been rebuilt and there are good examples of Peruvian architecture in the city. It is known for its crafts and festivals. These festivals are a great way to understand life high up in Peru’s highlands. Though the city has developed a lot and modern constructions have replaced ancient buildings, colonial remnants still remain, much to the delight of discerning tourists.

The climate remains pleasant throughout the year and is a great way to spend quiet moments far from the humdrum of the larger cities of Peru. There are daily flights to Lima and one could take trains to nearby towns as well. Huancayo is a great base to explore other parts of the Junín region.

Make sure that you carry warm clothes as this part of the country can get exceptionally cold. It is also a great idea to shop and discover things that might fancy you, as Junín is a region that is quite different from other parts of Peru. With its scenic beauty and great colonial buildings, Junín and its capital Huancayo provide an interesting array of activities to do and places to see.

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