Peru Just Got Sweeter and More Delicious

Peru has just become a sweeter, more sinful and more delicious place. The country produced more than 60,000 tons of cocoa in 2013 and grows more than 60 kilos of cocoa per hectare on average.

Though 94% of the cocoa that is grown in Peru is exported to countries like the U.S., France, Belgium and Italy among others, chocolate remains a favorite fact of Peruvian culture. The government too, is looking for ways to increase the production of cocoa. Cocoa production will not only help people in Peru to find employment, make a living and generally live a better life, but also bring in more tourists. Cocoa production is a viable source of tourism, and chocolate tourism can help bring people from around the world.

Trips to cocoa plantations and factories where cocoa is processed can become travel destinations. With that, if enterprising entrepreneurs take up the task of opening up chocolate cafes and bars, things would improve drastically. In the future, I already see a Peru that will thrive on money that chocolate can bring. Chocolate remains the favorite sweet of the world and dark chocolate sans sugar is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids.

It is very important to consume chocolate without sugar on a regular basis. Darker the chocolate, the better. Just make sure that your chocolate is not packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners even. A slab of rich dark chocolate can keep your heart, liver and skin healthy. If you want to eat some chocolate in an exotic locale, Peru is certainly the place to be at.

Via: Peru This Week

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