Choose a Jungle Expedition Near Tarapoto

Tarapoto is located in the San Martin region of Northern Peru. It is located in the middle of tropical rain forests and is a great place to visit and experience the beauty of green wooded land.

It is located in a high jungle plateau and is a thriving commercial hub. It is linked to the upper Amazon and is a great place to experience the natural biodiversity. It is located 365 meters above sea level and is known as the cloud forest.

The reason why you should visit Tarapoto is to experience jungle cuisine. It is famous for its juane which is made from eggs, rice, chicken and olive. All of that is wrapped in bijao leaves and served hot. You can also taste cured pork products such as chorizo and other sausages. The region has an abundance of flora and fauna and is one of the best places to experience the Amazon.

The best part is that it is a large city with all the facilities of a town. It is located 1 hour away from Lima, if you choose to fly. Tarapoto has a number of accommodation options and is an interesting town to visit. When you are done with watching all the animals and discovering new plant species, you can grab a drink and relax in a hammock.

Also, you can visit Cumbaza, which is an archaeological site. There are numerous waterfalls nearby and taking a trip with your friends can be an amazing way to discover and experience the Amazon. The region is also conducive for adventure sports. White water river rafting can be tried along with jungle expeditions and treks. Make sure that you are in the prime of your health to try all that.

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