Do You Have What It takes to Climb the Tawllirahu?

It need not be said at all that Peru has a number of mountains to climb and scale. After all, the Andes straddles the country and thousands of mountaineers have scaled its peaks for decades now.

Peru’s peaks have attracted a number of international visitors and that trend is only likely to continue. Tawllirahu is a peak that is located in the Cordillera Blanca. The peak is located in the Ancash region and is one of the tallest peaks in the Andes. At about 19,127 feet above sea level, Tawllirahu is one of the tallest peaks not just in Peru but all of the world.

The peak is located in the midst of Huascaran National Park. Though there are a number of routes to climb this mountain, it is not an easy peak to scale. It is a spectacularly difficult climb to the top and all but two routes are treacherous. The south-southeast ridge is probably the easiest route to take and can pro0vide amazing views while going to the top of the summit. You may need special health precautions and tests before attempting the climb.

There are several operators who help in reaching the summit and it may require a bit of effort to find the right one, as is the case all over the world. You need to be wary of avalanches, snowstorms and bad weather conditions. If you think you cannot make it to the top, you can reach till midway and enjoy the views from the middle. That way, you will not risk injuries and will be back home safe and sound.

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