The Golden Temple of Azangaro Beckons Travelers

Of all the regions in Peru, the Puno region is rarely spoken about. It is bordered by Bolivia and the Tacna region as well. Its capital is located on the banks of Lake Titicaca and is a great place to visit.

We have covered Puno already and this time around, we would like to let you know about Azangaro, which is the capital of Azangaro province in Puno region. The city is known for its colonial church which also doubles up as a golden temple. In fact, the locals call it the golden temple. Plaza San Bernardo has seen its share of bloody and torturous days in the past. Pedro Vilca Apaza, a general, was drawn and quartered when he tried to seek liberation from the Spanish government.

Tupac Amaru II was executed brutally and the leadership of the execution moved to Azangaro. With such a bloody history, Azangaro is one of the few places in the world where you can learn about the colonial exploits and the way those who expressed resentment were tortured and killed. There is also a church bell which is a good example of Spanish colonial adobe.

However, it was damaged by rains and a part of the tower collapsed as well. The golden interiors are magnificent but colonial treasures were robbed away. Before the town loses its old world charm, it is better that you go and visit it once and savor all the beautiful buildings and monuments. It is a very small town and you may not get what you expect from a large touristic place. However it is a charming little town that has much to offer for its size and a lot of stories as well.

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