Discover the Writer in You at Tumbes

One of the little known towns of Peru is Tumbes. Tumbes is located on the banks of the Tumbes River. The district and the province in which the town is located are also called as Tumbes. With 94,000 people, it is not a huge city but it has its share of interesting sights to offer. During the pre-Inca times, Tumbes was a famous town in which almost 175,000 people lived.

The Incas too gave it a lot of importance and the city grew under the emperor Huayna Capac. Roads, palaces and houses were all built under the Incas. When the Spanish invaded, they met with a lot of resistance but they easily overpowered the natives. During the colonial period, Tumbes did not see the kind of glory that it was earlier used to, and it fell back on hard times very quickly.

Nevertheless, people have begun to discover this historical and quirky city and it is a great place to visit when you decide to discover the smaller towns of Peru. The nearby Port Pizarro is a great place to watch all the boats pass by and probably write a book, if you can.

It is always interesting to sit by the banks of a river in a strange land and begin to write. That is one of the ways people begin to realize that they had stories to tell, but never found the creative inspiration or drive to sit back and write. So grab your tablet or an actual vintage notepad and head towards Tumbes. It may bring out the novelist in you!

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