When In Peru, Don’t Forget to Slurp Some Shambar

Peruvian cuisine is world famous and there are more Peruvian restaurants being opened today across the important cities of the world than any other cuisine’s.

For instance, London has seen the emergence of a vibrant Peruvian cuisine culture that people in England have begun to visit Peru because of the great dinner they once had in London! With that in mind, it goes without being said that Peru is one of the most important destinations for a foodie.

Of all the dishes that Peruvians cook, Shambar is one of the most important. It is a soup which is made from wheat, fava beans, chickpeas and other beans. It also needs to have 3 different kinds of meat including pork, beef, ham and chicken. For seasoning, one can use black pepper, cumin, chilli, parsley and garlic.

The recipe surely looks very delicious and can be one of the tastiest soups that you have ever tasted. If you are not able to visit Peru for some reason, make sure that you head to a Peruvian restaurant near you and ask for Shambar.

The variety of flavors that fill your senses with each spoonful of soup is apparently mind blowing. It is also known for the peculiar texture, a result of the different kinds of legumes. No matter what you decide to do, visit Peru sometime in your life and get a taste of its authentic cuisine yourself.


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