If You Can’t Travel to Peru, Prepare Ceviche On Your Own!

Ceviche is a much celebrated gastronomical delight in the coastal areas of the Americas. In Peru, this dish is so much revered that they declared a holiday in its honor. Most of the coastal regions of South America have their own version of Ceviche. A trip to Peru remains incomplete without digging into this tangy seafood dish, and once you do, it will leave you craving for more.

Archaeologists believe that this seafood dish over 2000 years old and was introduced by the Spanish. Over the years it has become an international dish and has garnered a lot of praise for its simplicity and tangy bursts. Peru offers a huge variety of Ceviche, most of the restaurants offer the liberty for you to customize this dish to suit your palate, that is, if you pronounce it correctly as (“seh-BEE-chay”).

People who can’t hop skip and jump to Peru need not get disappointed as Ceviche can be easily prepared at home. The only skill required to prepare this dish is to have a discerning eye for choosing the right seafood. In Ceviche, seafood is not cooked in heat, it is “cooked” in citrus juices, which makes it all the more important for you to choose fish that is fresh and tender so that it easily gets “cooked” in citrus juices to avoid the risk of food poisoning. The popular sea food options for Ceviche are sea bass and flounder. However, fresh shell fish will also fill the bill.

Sea food must be cut julienne or diced so that citric acid in lime juice “cooks” it as much as it can. Then marinate the mixture of lime juice and sea food for several hours until the sea food changes its color. Add chili peppers to this mixture and serve it with side dishes such as corn, lettuce, sweet potato, avocado or plantain.

Who says you must travel to Peru to get a taste of Ceviche? I just helped you to save thousands of dollars, if you just want to taste Ceviche. However, if you want to experience all the goodness that Peru is, you will have to fly down to Lima!

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