Festival of the Sun Propels a Cleaning-up Act!

Peruvian festivals are not just convivial but they also allow us to sneak a look at the marvelous Inca civilization. Tourists from all over the globe flock to experience the thrills at these colorful and elaborate festivals and one such festival is Initi Raymi, which was recently shot to fame for all wrong reasons. Unlike what you must have guessed, it is not animal slaughter or gore that propelled it to limelight; it is the obscene amount of sequent garbage from the festival that pulled this festival to the headlines of local tabloids.

Inti Raymi, also known as Festival of the Sun, was celebrated by the Inca during the winter solstice to please the sun god Inti for better fertility and harvests during the lean period. As we know, in the past animal sacrifice was closely connected to most of the festivals, Inti Raymi was no exception to it. This festival entailed killing of doe-eyed llamas, but fortunately this gory ritual has been discontinued. Now, this festival has been revved up in new and personal ways and is mostly a re-enactment of the ceremony.

According to sources this year’s event left approximately 25 tons of filth at the Sacsayhuaman ruins where it was held. This drew the ire of conservationists and the Ministry of Culture. Soon after the event was over, 350 workers were mobilized to clean the site, most of them were artisans, locals and students from Khipu Institute. The clean-up took over a day to sanitize the site and turn it back into an enticing tourist destination!

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