Machu Picchu Wins the “My Awesome Escape” Contest

We all have witnessed Machu Picchu’s fan following increase by leaps and bounds ever since its discovery in 1911. From being just another tourist destination to being recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this tourist attraction has managed to entice tourists from all across the globe, so much so that now world travelers feel that this is one destination they would want to see the most.

If you have not guessed it yet, this Inca site has been voted as “the destination most travelers would love to see” by over million users of The runner-up destinations were the Full Moon Party in Thailand and Kruger National park in South Africa.

The travel website conducted “My Awesome Escape” contest in which users were asked to pick a tourist destination which they would love to visit and the unfazed winner was the Inca citadel in Machu Picchu. Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister of Peru, Mr. Magali Silva, humbly accepted this moment of pride and pinned this success on the local officials who carried out a special conservation work which enticed a whopping 1,177,308 tourists in 2013. Clearly, tourism in Machu Picchu never looked better and with such promising results you may hear a lot about this marvelous destination in the press.

It is not hard to say that constant promotional activities have put this tourist destination on the map, but the conservation work did wonders to its charm. Not only it increased the footfall, it also revved up its reputation in the tourism industry. Now, travelers know of Michu Picchu as a spruced up tourist destination and not just any other cluttered digging site.

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