Chapo: The Sweet Plantain Drink with Spicy Aroma

Peru is known for its many traditional and native alcoholic drinks. However, there are also many indigenous non-alcoholic drinks that can be savored when in this beautiful country. Chapo is one such drink which is made from sweet plantains, spices and water.

Traditionally prepared by the Matses and Shipibo peoples of the Peruvian Amazon, it is known for its fragrance and energizing effects. The energy comes from the carbohydrates present in the plantains and the sweet smells of rare spices add to the aroma of the drink.

The Matses people squeeze the plantains and cook the pulp. It is served warm and people drink it in a lazy fashion while swinging on a hammock. Peruvian jungles are known for their exotic nature and the way they enrapture the soul of Peru can only be described by experience it. If you would like to know what it is like to live in the jungles of Peru, you should probably head towards the Amazon and begin to explore the area, with the help of professional guides, of course.

Later, you can rest in one of the tourist lodges and sip into chapo, the exotic drink of the Amazon jungles. Plantains are known for their nutrition and but are also carb-heavy. If you have problems with your blood sugar control, you might want to be careful how much you drink it. Nevertheless, when in Peru, try to grab a glass of chapo at least once.

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