Chifa: Chinese Cuisine a la Peru

Peru has always been a country that has invited immigrants. The racial composition of Peru reflects this. Africans, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese and the native people have all added to Peru’s demographics.

History was not kind to all of Peru’s peoples but today, one can see the remnants of different cultures melting together to become something unique, something very Peruvian. One such example is Chifa. Chifa is a term that is used to describe Chinese cuisine cooked in Peruvian style. Chinese immigrants often could not find the ingredients necessary for cooking Chinese dishes.

They instead began to replace Chinese ingredients with Peruvian ingredients creating a unique way of cooking altogether. Chinese cuisine cooked in the Chifa style is unique to Peru and has features of both Chinese and Peruvian cuisine. As most Chinese immigrants to Peru came from the region of Guangdong, Chifa often resembles the taste of Guangdong cuisine. Chifa is so part of the Peruvian culture that the Peruvian government even promotes it as essentially Peruvian.

Arroz Chaufa, Wantan frito, Pollo Tipa Kay and other dishes are famous all over Peru. It is estimated that there are more than 6,000 chifa restaurants in Lima alone. Chifa is very democratic in nature. It is enjoyed by people from all social levels and there are not only high-end chifa restaurants, but also those who serve the poor. When in Peru, do not miss out on chifa cuisine.

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