Trujillo: A Peruvian City that Will Enthral You

If you were looking at a Peruvian city to visit, you must indeed visit Trujillo. It is located in the coastal region of northwestern Peru and is the capital of the La Libertad Region.

It is the second most populous city in Peru and the largest in the north. Before the Incas, it was a site of Chimu and Moche cultures. The city is also known as the Capital of the Everlasting Spring and is the cultural capital of Peru. Being a big city, it offers a number of activities to visitors and is great to explore on foot.

With numerous national and international events such as the National Marinera Festival, the International Book Festival and the Trujillo Spring Festival, there is always something to do in this magical Peruvian city. The city is also close to many archaeological sites. Chan Chan, which is the largest adobe city in the ancient world, is also a UNESCO recognized world heritage site.

The temples of the sun and the moon are so beautiful that you will be left enraptured. With many colonial and religious examples of architecture, Trujillo is one city that will not disappoint someone who is looking for culture. Despite being a huge city, it retains the charm of old world Peru and has something for everyone.

When you are in Trujillo, you could also try its delicious cuisine which is famous all over Peru. Ceviche, the famous Peruvian dish, is typical in Trujillo restaurants. At the end of the day, you could also pick up books and relax at a cafe and drink some really strong coffee.

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