Papa a la Huancaina: A Spicy Potato Dish for Picnics

Peruvian cuisine is known all over the world. In fact, it is already replacing the Chinese cuisine as the most popular cuisine in many countries. The fact that Peruvian cuisine is so exotic and the fact that it is difficult to find in most cities attract people to try it, wherever they find it.

Peruvian cuisine is a unique blind of Spanish and indigenous cuisines. The dishes prepared in Peru also are influenced by the varied geography of this country. Papa a la Huancaina is a famous Peruvian salad that is made from boiled yellow potatoes. The potatoes are boiled in a creamy and spicy sauce that is almost irresistible. The dish’s name is derived from Huancayo, a city in the mountains of Peru.

Today, the dish is popular across Peru and is consumed by everyone. It is usually served cold along with lettuce and is traditionally garnished with olives and hard boiled eggs. The sauce is made from cheese, yellow Peruvian pepper, milk, salt and oil. Many people add garlic, onion and saltines as well. As it is served cold, people eat Papa a la Huancaina during picnics and outings.

When you are in Peru, make sure that you try all these wonderful dishes that the country’s people get to consume on an everyday basis. Peruvian cuisine is rich, complex and exotic. It is however very meat-oriented and vegetarians may find it difficult to find variety. Papa a la Huancaina is one of those vegetarian dishes that are not only drool-worthy, but also very attractive to look at.

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