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Piura is the oldest city of Peru located in north western coastal province of Piura. It was founded in 1532 by Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro. The city served as the main port in Peru during that period where Spaniards used to collect Inca gold and ship it back to Spain. The region has semi tropical climatic conditions and stays warm throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 16 to 32 degree Celsius. There are a number of beaches in Piura and its beautiful northern beaches are becoming a major tourist attraction these days.

Máncora, a fishing town in Piura located southwest of Tumbes region, is becoming the most sought-after surfing destinations in Peru. Perfect waves and strong winds make Máncora an ideal place for surfers from Lima. The closest airports to Máncora are Tumbes airport and Piura airport which have daily connectivity with Lima. The distance between Piura and Máncora is approximately 180 km and is easily reachable by bus and taxi. And it is around 110 km from Tumbes city which takes around 1.5 hours to reach by taxi. Máncora has a beautiful beach area which is yet to be explored. Its white sand with rock formations leave the visitors enthralled. Since it is located southwest to Ecuador, many Ecuadorians love to visit this place as well. The town hosts sunny skies with low humidity levels making it the best place for a sunbath.

Colán, a small town near Paita city, hosts the most attractive beaches in Piura region. Esmeralda and Palmeras beaches are the best beaches to visit there where you can enjoy a warm sun among the white sands. The town is also home to the oldest church in Peru named as Iglesia San Lucas built by the Spanish. Playa Colán Lodge is the best place to stay in the serene and remote surroundings of Colán. You’ll find beautiful houses built on top of wooden pilings by the seaside.

Another beach called Bayóvar beach is a virgin beach situated to the southwest of Piura at a distance of around 110 km. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Peru. From a clear blue sea swarmed with dolphins and turtles to its mesmerizing sand dunes, Bayóvar beach is a paradise on earth. Its reef-break waves with different peaks offers a great experience for surfers all round the year.

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