Peru Declares Emergency in 14 Regions Due to El Nino

Manu Riverbank

If global warming weren’t already alarming across the world, Peru has just declared a 60-day state of emergency in 14 regions across the country. Peru expects extensive damage due to the El Niño pattern, which is normally seen during the rainy season. Summer, which begins in December in the southern hemisphere, will likely see an extraordinary event, according to meteorologists.

Unusually warm waters have led to fishing patterns changing and landslides occurring. Peru is a medium income country which does not have the resources that more affluent countries might have. The 60-day emergency might help the country to battle any adverse events that could take place due to climate related factors.

A curious side effect of global warming has been the loss of anchovy trade. Peru is the world’s largest producer of ground-up anchovy. This fishmeal is popular across the world and changes to climate may affect Peru’s ability to remain the top producer. It might take quite some time for Peru to overcome its difficulties with respect to changes in climate. We must remember that Peru has a very diverse geography and changes to its climate will be seen across ecosystems. There could be dangerous implications to its fragile flora and fauna.

Tourists may have a role to play. They could probably help spread awareness about Peru’s conservation efforts or actually take part in this. This could help Peru to generate more funds to protect existing natural reserves and sites. Even when these alarming events take place, Peru will at least have the financial means to overcome what could realistically be overcome.

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