Adventures in Beer (Part 2): Artisanal Cervezas

Artisanal beer tasting much choice ;)
Artisanal beer tasting platter…so much choice 😉

For those who come to Lima with a taste for all things artisanal, and are bored with the food (although I doubt you could be), how about trying some artisanal beer?

If you´ve read my previous beer adventures in Peru, you’ll know that there are a few home-grown specialties that come in varying degrees of tastiness. However beyond the Peruvian institution that is Cuzqueña, you can find some more specialized beers in the city to shake up your taste buds somewhat.

For this, we headed to Barranco, and the aptly named Barranco Beer Company. This is one of a small number of microbreweries that have cropped up in the city, who serve specialized artesanal beers either by the pint (on draught), or as smaller tasting shots. So, purely in the name of research, we opted for the 6-beer tasting platter. It’s worth noting that some tour companies I’ve come across can charge quite a lot for beer tasting excursions, so doing it this this way will definitely save you some soles (as well as give you the freedom to drink as much as you please without a tour guide guilting you back into the tour bus)!

Aaaand... our work is done
Aaaand… our work is done

Each of the beers on offer comes with a little description from the card, and so one by one we decided to taste and rate them. I should do a pre-warning that I have a wheat allergy, and my beer-companion didn’t like bitter beers, so your own experience is almost guaranteed to differ!

Tasting menu
Tasting menu

Out of all the delights on offer, we had to score the Pale X pale ale the highest, as it had the most palpable taste of the 6. The lowest score was given to the incredibly bitter Amargo IPA (amargo means bitter in Spanish, so no surprises there). As far as artesanal beers went however, they were all interesting to try, and the tasting menu made it easy to sample a range without falling off your chair drunk! Either way, it makes for an interesting afternoon for those who want to experience something different and like a bit of variety. And, well, for those who just like a nice pint it’s also a good idea. Win win.

Cute beer artwork
Cute beer artwork

Barranco Beer Company isn’t the only microbrewery in the area however, so I encourage you to scout out a few if you want a varied experience! I also spotted some beer platter options for sale at Babarian beer in Miraflores, for example. Indeed, artesanal beers are available across the city and there’s a real range to try so you won’t get bored. However, I remain firm in  my conviction that for real Peruvian beer taste, Cuzqueña remains in the lead. For real Peruvian beer sharing, go for Cristal.

We drank here:

But you can also try here (I’ve been here also…for research purposes):

Beckie is a volunteer with the Karikuy Volunteer Program in Lima, Peru.

Beckie Melanie

Beckie is a professional lover of Peru, with two Masters degrees in Anthropology & Development, for which she undertook research in the Andean highlands. She is now starting her PhD with a research focus on Peruvian medicine, so loves to learn all she can about the people and their culture! Beckie is currently learning Quechua, and recommends that everyone come to Peru and try ceviche.

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