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Fresh oceanic breeze accompanied by warm and sunny climate of Chiclayo is an exciting reason to visit this city.  Mountains and beautiful beaches add splendor to its existence. It is a popular destination among surfers for its spectacular waves. Its delicious seafood is to die for. However, one of the finest reasons to visit this city is to admire the most important discovery in the history of the world, the Valley of Pyramids. Located on the northern coastal plain of Peru, Chiclayo is the fourth largest city of Peru. Some of the famous archaeological sites in Chiclayo and its surrounding region include Huaca Rajada, Tucume, Batan Grande etc.


A Moche archaeological site, Huaca Rajada depicts one of the most extraordinary tombs in the world. The most famous tomb belongs to Lord of Sipan, a Mochican warrior priest. Huaca Rajada monument primarily consists of two small adobe pyramids and a low platform. A total of fourteen tombs have been found at Sipan. The artifacts from the site are housed in the Royal Tombs Museum in Sipan.

Another Pre-Incan complex, Túcume was an important regional center in Lambayeque region. Covering an area of over 540 acres encompassing 26 major pyramids, the area has garnered a lot of curiosity among aficionados. It is believed to be capital of Sican culture. Visitors can explore the ruins and climb up to witness a breathtaking view of Tucume and the surrounding countryside.  Batan Grande is another such magnificent place where you can find around twenty pyramids.


Chiclayo has more to it than to admire its vast valley of pyramids. Its thriving marketplace called Mercado Modelo is famous for natural medicines and herbal remedies from local shamans and healers.

Visitors who love surfing can go to an interesting place called Pimental near Chiclayo. You also get an opportunity there to see local fishermen manage waves with reed rafts, a traditional method employed for thousands of years.

In addition to that, Chiclayo is known for its delicacies like duck and rice, and raw fish marinated with lemon juice. Chiclayo has something for everyone. Party buffs can go to casino club or visit Paseo de la Musas to cherish elegant Greek statues.

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