The Karikuy Volunteer House is Open!


After 3 years of renovating, Karikuy is proud to announce that the Karikuy Volunteer House is now complete and ready to take in new volunteers for 2016 and beyond. Although we have been housing new volunteer for the past year we can proudly show off the new crib and what volunteers can expect to call home during their time in Lima.


In the past before the renovation we housed up to 5 volunteers at a time and as you can guess the one bathroom was not enough for 5 people, among the new renovations is a new room with a private bathroom and shower, while there is also a second larger shared bathroom next to the second dorm. We have also added a laundry room if volunteers don’t want to go to the nearby laundromats then we make the process easier by having access to affordable laundry.


The previous design of the house did not have a private kitchen which we now have included and stocked. Volunteers can cook their own meals or go to the nearby mom and pop restaurants. The Dining area is larger then before as well as the living area for down time.


Our favorite new area of the house is the garden where we have included a BBQ and will be adding a small patio table and chairs, perfect for those sunny days. The Karikuy Volunteer program runs from March to January, February we close down for maintenance and upgrades. The Volunteer program for 2016 is $66 per person and includes rent and utilities, the house has hot water, fast internet wi-fi, kitchen, DirecTV, and laundry area.

You can read more about our volunteer program here;

Private Bathroom – 1st Bedroom


1st Bedroom
1st Bedroom
2nd Bedroom

2nd Bedroom

Open air garden patio.

Julio C. Tello

Founder of Karikuy, an organization in Peru that brings travelers to visit and explore the country. Julio also runs the Karikuy Volunteer program and is the editor of this blog. Julio likes to write about his adventures in Peru as well as Peruvian folklore, mysteries and secluded locations.

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