What Must You Pack to Peru around August?

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If you are unsure of what to carry when you are in Peru during July and August, look no further than this post. Temperatures average around 20 degree Celsius during the day and around 15 degrees Celsius at night, in Lima. However, if you plan to go further up to the mountains, you will need very warm clothing.

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On the coasts, it is warmer than in the upper suburbs of Lima. It may be a good idea to carry some warm clothing along with cotton clothes. Moreover, you can always land up in Lima and go shopping for your clothes based on where you plan to travel.

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Lima is an international city and it has a number of malls, local markets and shopping plazas where you can find great deals. in fact, it is a good idea not to carry a lot of luggage from your home country, as you will be tempted to shop in Lima and other cities of Peru. If you come with a light luggage, you will have the freedom to shop more, even if you have limited space in your suitcases.

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Lima can also be a great place to check out the latest in fashion, as it is the capital of Peru. Major shopping areas have upscale stores belonging to European designers and you can also find rare Andean wool. Most importantly, you can always buy shawls, which can be draped around shoulders. These are easy to find and can be bought for great bargains. Always remember to pick up a few for your folks back home.

Image 1: By fortes – , CC BY-SA 2.0

Image 2: By Wikiperuvian – Own work, Public Domain

Image 3: By Johann Moritz Rugendas – kAHxHbqppKf7ug at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level, Public Domain

Image 4: By Art Dio from Lima, Perú – Plaza de Armas, Lima, CC BY-SA 2.0

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