Experience Peruvian Patriotism in Tacna

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Provinces near the borders of a country are usually rife with legends, propaganda, myths, lies and truths. Border regions usually have disputes too, which invariably lead to wars and deaths. Most countries that are at war with their neighbors are usually those with disputed territories. Peru once had a dispute with its southern neighbor, Chile, too.

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The Tacna province, which is located in the southern most part of Peru, was the source of contention between Peru and Chile. However, Peruvian nationalists successfully integrated Tacna into the country and even managed to get an indemnity of millions of dollars from Chile.

Today, it is a duty-free region that is famous for products from Japan and China. As you may already know, there are a number of Japanese people living in Peru. If you are visiting Peru, you might want to visit Tacna and admire the historic streets, monuments and churches. You may also be lucky enough to witness some macho shows of patriotism, as is common in most border regions in formerly disputed regions.

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Of course, patriotism is a subject that not many like, and some look at it with distaste. However, for many people, patriotism serves as a matter of pride, and as a matter of survival too. That is something to chew on. What are your feelings and thoughts about patriotism?

Image 1: By Jorge Chata – Foto Propia., CC BY-SA 2.5

Image 2: By Leito3002 – Own work, GFDL

Image 3: By Vanished user j123kmqwfk56jd at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

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