Peruvian Cuisine Will Drive More Tourists toward Lima

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It is a well known fact that Peruvian cuisine is one of the most vibrant in the whole world. Peruvian cuisine has begun to compete with Chinese, Japanese and even Italian cuisines it terms of popularity and visibility. Most major metropolises of the world today host Peruvian restaurants, and they are growing every week.

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A lot of people are visiting Peru too, to not just discover monuments, but to gorge on this beautiful country’s delicacies. The delicious cuy is a household name, and so is the ceviche. But there is more to Peruvian cuisine.

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From Amazonian delicacies to the recipes brought by Chinese and Japanese immigrants, this South American country combines Incan heritage with Amazonian exoticism and serves it on a platter with Japanese courtesy and Chinese yin and yang.

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The MasterCard’s latest Global Destination Index revealed that food tourism will bring $7.5 billion to Peru in 2016. What could this mean to a traveler who is interested in food? This could mean, there will be more venues serving authentic Peruvian food and a better way to discover this country’s heritage: through stomach!

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