Discover the Idyllic Beach Resort of Mancora

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Of all the places that people visit for sun and sand, Mancora in northwestern Peru has to be one of the most exotic. Located in the Talara province, it can easily be accessed from the Talara or Tumbes airports. From either of the airports, people usually take buses, cars or private vehicles to reach this beach resort.

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It is a perfect place for those who are looking to surf, as the beach is flanked by both cold and warm oceanic currents. It is a major surfing destination and people from around the world come here to ride the waves. Temperature during summers hit 38 degree Celsius and it can become quite uncomfortable during those months.

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However, if you visit Mancora during winters, the climate remains very pleasant and will be warm enough to keep you relaxed. The town is so popular that there are more than 30 resorts that serve tourists from across South America and beyond. With many bars and clubs, Mancora may soon become a partying destination too.

However, at the moment, it is still a laid back surfing destination that is not very commercialized. It is probably a good idea to visit this idyllic destination while it still is idyllic. Once word gets around, Mancora will become yet another of those commercialized tourist destinations.

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