Taste the Strange Sweetness of Lucuma

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Lucuma, also known as Pouteria lucuma is a subtropical fruit grown in the Andes region of Peru and Chile. In Peru, lucuma is harvested between October and March and is very popular with people there. In fact, a lot of ancient Peruvian art depicts the lucuma fruit in all its subtropical glory. Lucuma’s texture is similar to that of hardboiled egg yolk and has a unique flavor.


It has been described as something like maple and sweet potato. It is common to find lucuma ice creams and milk shakes, which are very popular with the locals. There is not much information available about Lucuma but it is known to be rich in protein and iron. The fruit looks a little like an avocado, with a large seed in the middle.

Yet, it resembles an egg as well. This strange fruit is grown in other countries too but is not as popular as it is in Peru. The fruit can be eaten raw or it can be made into delicious desserts. When you are in Peru, remember to buy some lucumas so that you can enjoy the strange sweetness of this fruit.


Some people even describe the fruit as smelling or tasting like butterscotch. The fruit grows at higher elevations of the Andes, especially between 2700 and 3000 meters. In addition to Peru and Chile, lucuma is grown in Laos, Philippines and Vietnam.

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