Bite Into These Succulent Beef Heart Anticuchos

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If you have ever traveled to the Middle East or to India, you will know about kebabs. Kebabs are minced meat that is mixed with spices and burned on slow fire over sticks. Similarly, in Peru, it is common to find Anticuchos. Anticuchos are similar to sheek kebabs and are made from beef, especially beef heart. Part of the street food in Peru, Anticuchos are made by marinating the meat in vinegar and spices.

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They are served along with boiled potato at the end of a skewer. It is common for it to be served alongside bread as well. Tradition has it that beef heart came to be used by the salves, who were left to eat the organs left by Spanish colonizers, after they had their fill of the choicest meat. Little did those colonizers know that organ meat was more nutritious and tastier than lean meat.

It was common for the Spanish colonizers to dismiss offal as food fit only for slaves. People who were colonized or enslaved used these organ parts to prepare kebabs called Anticuchos. Today Anticucho is part f the traditional cuisine of Peru. It is commonly found everywhere on the streets, and is usually slathered in garlic sauce.

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They are most consumed in the month of July, when Peru received its independence. It is consumed by all social classes and is never to be missed, if you are in Peru. The next time you visit Peru, make sure you fill your stomach up with Anticuchos.

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