Explore the Lively Streets of Barranco


Barranco which means “ravine” in Spanish is aptly named owing to its ideal location around a ravine near a cliff overlooking the beach.  Known for its affinity to romanticism and creativity, Barranco inhabits leading artists and musicians since a long time. It shelters many aristocratic colonial mansions since time gone by.

Today, Barranco is one of the most happening districts of Lima. The place is well-known for its nightlife and bohemian neighborhood. It is an evergreen spot to visit the coolest night clubs and discos. It is a fashionable place with buzzing colorful and illuminated streets lined with fancy bars and cafes. Lima’s young vibe is to be found right here. Let us explore some of the best bars and clubs in Barranco.



Ayahuasca is one of the most sophisticated bars entrenched in cultural history of Lima. Housed in an old republican era mansion Berninzon constructed between 1875 and 1895, it has consolidated its image as the most attractive and original bars over the years. The bar offers a variety of cocktails especially flavored in their emblematic Pisco sour. Their famous Ayahuasca drink macerated with Pisco sour with coca leaves is a must try.

Juanito de Barranco

Juanito de Barranco is a traditional bar with a local vibe. It is admired by its regular customers. This iconic place was once an eminent joint for artists, musicians and writers. Pick up its sought-after jamon del norte sandwich or North ham sandwich with a chilled beer to make a great evening.


La Noche

Music fans just can’t miss this club located off the Barranco’s main square. La Noche is a multi-story edifice with two bars and a stage for live music. Formerly a mansion, the club opened its doors around 25 years ago. It provides an awesome space for conversation, good music and good drinks. Many renowned musicians of Lima have performed on its stage.

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