Chorrillos Has More to Offer than Beaches


Chorrillos is located on southern portion of Lima-Callao metropolitan area. The place was established as a beach resort in 1824 and today it’s well-known for its beach resorts, private clubs, art sanctuaries and restaurants. Lima’s most popular public beaches Agua Dulce and La Herradura are located here. And probably, that’s why Chorrillos stands for “trickle of water” in Spanish.

There’s a lot to explore in Chorrillos. The best place to begin with is Malecon de Chorrillos.  It gives you breathtaking views of city’s coastline and spanning urbanization. A tourist-friendly place, Malecon is kept neat and clean. Located just below Malecon is the beach Agua Dulce.


Agua Dulce is the most colorful and crowded beach of Lima. It is a picnic spot for many Lima residents and tourists. The beach is swarmed with umbrellas, food packs and swimmers from all across the world. It also boasts of a thriving beach market where you’ll find anything from shorts, sunglasses to sandals at throw-away prices.

If you feel like delving into a sea of art, visit Galeria Delbarrio, located on a quaint residential street near Malecon. It is an art sanctuary not known to many. You get a chance to explore unique art pieces that you can pick up for your house or to present as gifts to your friends and family. Each room in the gallery is splendidly decorated with multi-colored items sure to surprise you.


Another nice place to visit in Chorrillos is Cristo del Pacifico in Morro Solar. Erected in 2011, Cristo del Pacifico or the Christ of the Pacific is a 37 meter high statue of Jesus that attracts visitors from all over to marvel at it.  Though the place may look a bit run down, the statue offers a pleasant view of the city.

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