Tens of Thousands of Scrotum Frogs Die in Lake Titicaca


Lake Titicaca, the famous South American lake is experiencing a tragedy at the moment. Tens of thousands of endangered scrotum frogs have died in the last few days, and their carcasses are floating in the lake. Researchers are still baffled about the deaths and they are not able to ascertain what may have caused the sudden mortality among these frogs.

The scrotum frogs are known jokingly so because of their wrinkly appearance. The extra skin helps the frogs to absorb more oxygen in a place where oxygen levels are quite low due to the altitude. Most researchers believe that Lake Titicaca is highly polluted, and that the toxins may have caused the frogs to die.


Once upon a time, Lake Titicaca’s water was potable but now, if livestock drink the water, they will probably die very quickly. Lack of sewage treatment plants and extreme water pollution have rendered Lake Titicaca’s water almost poisonous.


As people have been trying to clear the lake off its garbage, some researchers believe they may have disturbed toxic sediments from the lake bed, causing the deaths of the frogs. This piece of news is likely to cause disappointment and dejection among conservationists who have long warned of such calamities if pollution went unabated in what used to be pristine lakes.

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