Feast on Pachamanca When in Peru


When you are in Peru, how do you cook for an entire village? The answer seems to be to start cooking a pachamanca. A pachamanca is a Peruvian dish that is cooked with the help of hot stones. You can either choose to cook a whole sheep, a goat or pieces of these animals. Pork, chicken, guinea pig and other meats are cooked in this manner too.

Usually, the meat is marinated in spices and is cooked along with potatoes, lima beans, cassava and chili. This dish is particularly indigenous to the Andean region of Peru. The kind of stones that is required to cook the meat is available only in this region. However, the popularity of pachamanca has allowed people to try various methods in places where these special kind of stones are not available.


Before being cooked, the meat is covered in banana leaves so that the juices do not get dried up. When a pachamanca is cooked the traditional way, it is enough to feed an entire extended family, as large pieces of meat are usually cooked within the stones.


The dish has remained a part of Peruvian culture since the Incan empire, and it does not seem to be going anywhere soon. When you are in Peru, do not forget to try pachamanca, especially if you are traveling to the Andean region.

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