Explore San Isidro While in Lima


If you are in Lima, you might want to explore some of the neighborhoods that dot the city. Lima is known for its popular suburbs such as Barranco, Chorrillos and others but many travelers often miss San Isidro. San Isidro is a major financial centre that was established in 1930. This suburb is inhabited mostly by upper class Peruvians and many important banks and museums have their offices here.


There are many skyscrapers in the neighborhood and there are quite a few of them that are of architectural significance. Though very tiny, San Isidro’s stature is larger than its size. The neighborhood is home to several artists and creative people. One of the museums that you must visit is Wak’a Wallamarka, a burying temple from the pre-Incan period.

This 4th century venue is usually the place where concerts, exhibitions and other events are held. Some of the most famous painters of Peru such as Francisco Tudela, Fernando de Szyszlo and others call San Isidro their home. Santo Toribio Avenue is a great place to take a walk and just absorb the atmosphere of San Isidro.


If you are visiting San Isidro, make sure that you visit the Country Club Hotel too, as it is a landmark in Lima. Last but not the least, do not forget to take a lot of pictures as this is a very different neighborhood when compared with the more popular neighborhoods of Lima.

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