Discover Enchanting Iquitos in Amazon Basin


Could you imagine a city that can only be reached by planes or by boats? Iquitos is the world’s largest city that is not connected by roads. The city is located in the midst of Amazon Basin and has historically been a centre of rubber trade.

European immigrants started to arrive in the 18th and 19th centuries and built a number of buildings reflecting their cultures. Soon enough, Iquitos grew to be a large metropolis and to this day, it has remained an active centre of Amazonian culture. Along with Manaus in Brazil, Iquitos was one of the many boom towns that rose to affluence thanks to rubber trade.


Today, the city possesses many vestiges of its glorious past. Most of the buildings in the city reflect a European and Amazonian style of construction, which is very unique. You might want to visit the Hotel Palace, which was built by Samuel Young Mass. You can also spend some time at the Plaza de Armas, which is in the middle of the city.


This is a great place to watch people, sip coffee and watch the world go by. The city hosts a number of cultural events and its unique cuisine, crafts and traditions attract people from all over the world. When you are in Iquitos, do not forget to grab some beer at one of the many bars that dot the city’s streets.

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