5 Magical Cafes to Visit When in Lima


Lima is a city that is known for its contradictions. While there are hundreds of things to do, one of the favorite pastimes of visitors and local inhabitants is to visit a nice cafe. Like any other large global city, Lima has an array of cafes strewn around the many bohemian and trendy suburbs. In this article, let us take a look at five of the most interesting cafes in Lima. Some of these cafes are so pretty that you will probably be busy taking selfies while your coffee gets cold.

Note: These cafes are not listed in any particular order. 

  1. Manolo, Miraflores

lima cafe - 1 - manolo miraflores

In the upmarket suburb of Miraflores, you will find dozens of quirky bars and cafes. Yet, Manolo on Avenue Larco simply blows your mind away. It reminds you of the beautiful Spanish restaurants and cafes that let you sit outside and watch the world go by. With tasteful decor and strong coffee concoctions, Manolo is one place you have to visit when you are around Miraflores.

Image from Trip Advisor, shared by the management of the cafe.

2. La Mora, Miraflores

la mora

Miraflores is always buzzing with activity. However, if you wish to relax and bite into a delicious piece of chocolate cake and sip on some espresso, another option is to head toward La Mora. This quaint little cafe is located at Calle Grau, and is known to serve up delicious sandwiches, cakes and coffee. The cafe is also known for its German-style pretzels, which are hard to come by in sunny Lima.

Image from official website

3. San Antonio, San Borja

san antonio

If you would like to sip on your coffee at a place that is even more elegant and classy, head toward San Antonio. This palatial cafe is located on Avenue Primavera in San Borja. The very ambiance of this cafe is enough to take your breath away. Patronized by both locals and expats, San Antonio will leave you ordering for those extra cups f coffee just to soak in the elegant atmosphere it has come to be known for.

Image from Trip Advisor, uploaded by the management of the cafe

4. El Jardin Café, Cieneguilla

el jardin

If you want to escape the humdrum of Lima’s urban life, you will probably want to head toward Cieneguilla. This area is known for its laidback eateries and bohemian atmosphere. One of the best places in this locality is El Jardin Cafe. This cafe is known for its garden-like atmosphere, where you can relax and gorge on tasty snacks and fragrant coffee. There is also live music between 8 and 9 pm, if you plan to go there a little late.

Image from cafe’s Facebook page

5. La Bodega Verde, Barranco

la bodega verde

If you haven’t heard already, Barranco is one of the more bohemian and artistic suburbs of Lima. Consequently, you will find a number of quirky bars and cafes in this neighborhood. One such cafe is La Bodega Verde, which is strangely beautiful. With its pretty garden area and its tasteful decor, you will lose yourself in thoughts and dreams. Make sure to grab some of the lovely cakes they offer along with your coffee.

Image from cafe’s Facebook page

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