5 Pristine Beaches in Peru to Visit


Most people visiting Peru often assume it is a country that provides glimpses of history, culture, archaeology and environmental beauty. All of this is true but Peru also has a long coastline, and consequently, we can find a number of beaches all along. While there are many crowded and popular beaches, this lengthy coastline ensures that you can find hundreds of beautiful and secluded beaches where you will be on your own, without the need for worrying about curious onlookers or noisy crowds. In this article, let us take a look at some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches of Peru

Cabo Blanco

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If you are the kind of person who likes surf breaks, and want to explore some secluded stretches of beaches, Cabo Blanco is one of the best to visit in Peru. This fishing village also featured in Ernest Hemingway’s novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. There are mountains nearby which you can visit too. Cabo Blanco is located around 700 kilometers north of Lima.

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Paracas is a small port town in Ica region of Peru. This beach town is known for its unique flora and fauna. The beach area is known for the number of birds that can be viewed, giving an almost surreal look at the sandy stretches. Visit this beach if you like to learn more about the unique species that have made this beach their home.

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Huanchaco is a beachside town that is close to the city of Trujillo. It is known for its surfs and a number of surfers from around the world come here to enjoy the waves and ride them under the warm sun. The beach is quite modern and has a number of facilities. However, the old world charm of the place is still there, and is a great place to get a slice of Peruvian culture while at the beach.

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If you like your seafood fresh and cooked in a mouthwatering manner, you should head toward Zorritos beach, which is located close to Tumbes. The beaches in this region are very pretty and are known for the number of restaurants and bars that are available across the strip. You can also choose to visit Cerros de Amotape National Park, where you can discover rare flora and fauna.

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La Playa Tortugas is located in an arid region of Peru and is a great way to beat tourists and find some peace and solace. However, this region can get very hot and it is recommended to go in more moderate months. The sea is calm and the beach is clean, and there aren’t many facilities available for beachgoers. This is one of the reasons why you will get ample privacy and peace.

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