5 Museums to visit When in Lima

Lima, being the capital of Peru, has a number of museums to discover and explore. In fact, there are so many museums that you may find it difficult to choose which ones to visit and which ones to pass. We have made a list of 5 museums that we think are great, especially if you are visiting Lima for the first time. Let us take a look at the 5 museums.

  1. Gold Museum of Peru and Weapons of the World

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This museum is located in Santiago de Surco in Lima. It is most famous for its thick gold plate used as a wall cladding. The museum was founded by Miguel Mujica Gallo, using his own private collection in the 1960s. There are artifacts from various cultures of Peru, and you can easily spend hours in this museum. Miguel traveled around the world, and weapons were his special interest. It is no wonder the, that there is an entire section of weapons from parts of the world. Do not forget to visit this museum.

  1. Larco Museum

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This museum is one of its kind and houses more than 4,000 years of Peruvian history. There is so much to see and discover that you may actually feel intimidated. The museum is located in Pueblo Libre and is often visited for its pre-Columbian erotic pottery. If you are an artist and are looking for some inspiration, you know where to go. What could be better than observing ancient Peruvian artifacts for some ideas?

  1. Museum of Italian Art

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We need to remember that Peru is a country of immigrants, much like the US. It should not come as a surprise then, that there are a number of Italian immigrants in Peru. The Italian community gifted the museum to Peru on the 100th anniversary of its independence, in 1921. It hosts a number of Italian and various other European artifacts too. This is the only European arts museum in Peru.

  1. Presbitero Maestro

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If you are the kind of person who finds graveyards beautiful, you will love spending time at the Presbitero Maestro. This cemetery has been in use since 19th century and is known for its mausoleums and tombs, all of which have ornate and opulent design. You can find the tombs of the heroes of the War of the Pacific, and the neoclassical architecture simply blows your mind away.

  1. National Museum of the Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru

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If you want to visit the mother of all Peruvian museums, this is the place to go. It hosts more than 100,000 artifacts and covers the entire span of human settlements in modern Peru. There is also a model of Machu Picchu, the Incan citadel of repute. It is located in Pueblo Libre in Lima. This is also the oldest museum in Peru, and is something of a must-visit, when you are in this country.

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