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Peru has an impressive list of rock bands, and some of them have achieved international acclaim as well. If you are visiting Peru, why not listen to some of its legendary rock bands before you arrive in Lima? You may have better chances of striking up conversations with strangers at a bar. After all, music connects people, and Peruvians are no different. These 5 bands that we have listed will surely help you talk to Peruvians that you might meet when you are traveling in the country.

Traffic Sound

If you would like to describe Traffic Sound, it can be described as a unique mix of Peruvian folk, Latin rock and psychedelic rock. The band was founded in 1967, during the heydays of psychedelia and rock and roll. Do not forget to listen to Meshkalina, which as you may have already guessed, refers to mescaline. Another song that you can listen to is Tibet’s Suzettes, in which they introduce a more progressive sound.

We All Together (WAT)

This is a band that no longer is active, but remains alive in Peruvian people’s hearts. It was formed in 1971, and the band sang in both English and Spanish, helping them to achieve international success. If you want to show off in front of We All Together fans, you’d better listen to Hey Revolution and It’s a Sin to Go Away. The band regrouped and disbanded many times, before finally putting their guitars to rest in 2011.


If you would like to discover Peruvian punk, Narcosis is where you have to begin. They are regarded as one of the most important Peruvian rock bands, and they achieved a cult status among Peruvian youth. This should be a great band to listen to, especially if you like underground punk music that went mainstream. Do give a listen to Primera Dosis, which was their first album. It was also an entirely DIY-rock album, and the band has remained independent ever since.

Dolores Delirio

A more contemporary band would be Dolores Delirio, which was founded in 1994. They started as a goth/darkwave band, and today, they sound more like any other rock band. One of their trademark songs is A Cualquier Lugar, from their debut album Cero. Do not forget to add some of their songs to your playlist when you are in Peru.

Arena Hash

If you prefer a band that is more into soft rock, you should probably listen to Arena Hash. They were formed in 1984, and are known for their mellow sound. A good song that you can listen to is Cuentame. This band is particularly popular with youngsters as they sound less complex than other bands listed above.

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