Poverty Rate Falls in Peru

One of the things that you often hear about South American countries is poverty. Except for the so-called ABC countries of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, other countries probably do not have an economy to boast of, like North American and Western European countries.

Even among the ABC countries, Brazil and Argentina aren’t doing all that well. Peru, on the other hand, seems to be a shining example of change. In 2016, Peru’s poverty rate fell by 1.1% and it has continued to fall in the last 3 years. In 2016, 264,000 Peruvians escaped poverty and it all seems to be both political efforts and larger global economic trends.

Peru’s economy depends on tourism

Peru is a tourist-dependent economy, and a large part of its economy comes through various travel and tourism services. In addition, hospitality industry is booming too, with new bars and restaurants springing up in every small city and town, to satisfy the needs of a growing number of tourists. In fact, as an international traveler, you will be contributing to Peru’s economy when you spend your dollars there, helping many people out of poverty. However, we need to remember that a larger part of Peru’s economy depends on mining, especially copper. However, mining has led to environmental problems and development always comes at a cost.

Sustainable tourism is one of the best ways to help an economy grow, and if you want to contribute to this country’s growth. just arrive here and have a good time. A few other options to help Peruvians include, volunteering at various social organizations or just donating money to organizations that help the economically weak.

Be a volunteer

Karikuy runs a volunteering program that runs for a week and costs just $66. You not only get to hone your social media skills, but you will also engage in humanitarian work, and get to travel around a bit. If you decide to stay for a longer time, you are free to do what you want during the weekends. Located in Lima, you will always have something fun to do, whether at a bar, nightclub or at a cafe. So, make up your mind and grab your bags, so that you get to experience some of the most beautiful locales and still contribute to people’s lives and economy.


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