5 Cocktails and Drinks to Try in Peru

What is a trip without some partying? Lima has no shortage of bars and nightclubs, where you can party away all night with interesting locals and expats. However, you shouldn’t be ordering the same old beers, cosmopolitans or martinis. Instead, when you are in Peru this time, try to order one of these 5 classic alcoholic drinks famous in Peru. After all, the only way to immerse yourself in a culture is to speak a society’s language, and drink the brew the society’s people drink.


  1. Caspiroleta

Let us say you arrive in Peru during the winter. What could be better than drinking a hot alcoholic beverage? Caspiroleta is a hot Pisco recipe that is popular in Peru. Pisco, as you may already know, is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks used in cocktails. This cocktail is popular in Ica, a colonial town. Head to Peru Delights for the recipe and to learn more about this drink.

  1. Algarrobina

If you were looking for a slightly sweeter and creamier drink, all that you need is Algarrobina. It has the reputation of being a girl drink according to Peru Delights, but it might be worth a try. After all, with the right amount of alcohol, every drink gets you buzzed and Algarrobina is no exception. It is known to give you a beautiful skin as well, so slurp it up.

  1. Cusqueña beer

If you are not into cocktails much, you can still drink what the locals drink by buying local beer. One of the most popular Peruvian beers is Cusqueña. Cusqueña is a light beer and is known to give you a pleasant feeling that lasts for a long time. It is a great drink to order when you are with your friends, or when you have met some strangers at a bar in Lima. Cusqueña always gets people talking.

  1. Pisco sour

If you do not want to be very adventurous but still want to try something very Peruvian, the right option for you would be Pisco sour. Pisco is the base liquor that’s used and citrus juice is added to make it sour. Egg whites, syrup, ice and Angosutra bitters are some of the other ingredients used in a Pisco sour. Legend has it that this cocktail was born in the upper class bars of Lima.

  1. Chicha de jora

If you are the kind of person who does not want to drink a lot of alcohol, you should order chicha de jora. It contains only between 1-3% of alcohol, and is a great way to let your hair down and not drink too much alcohol. It is made from corn beer and has a slightly milky appearance. Even if you are not interested in alcohol, chicha de jora can be a great way to chill.

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