Where to Spend the Holidays in Peru

Spending the holidays in a warm climate can always make it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. Luckily there are so many places in Peru where you can have a great time and enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

Around the Holidays take advantage of the many malls in Lima to get into the Christmas spirit. Small concerts and events are regularly planned as well as the classic mall Santa. Take some time to get your own shopping down or enjoy the decorations and some hot chocolate. We would recommend a visit to LarcoMar or Jockey Plaza in Lima to enjoy the atmosphere.

Peru Christmas Tours

Around all corners of Peru, families will be getting together for Christmas Dinner on December 24th. Restaurants are typically open until around 9pm allowing you to taste some great Peruvian Cuisine with your loved ones. Hotels often also arrange for their own Christmas Dinners.

Paneton Peru Christmas

If you are in Peru visiting Machu Picchu then you are likely in or around Cusco, we recommend their lively celebration at the main Plaza de Armas where you will be able to enjoy a drink and dancing through the night. Due to the sheer amount of travelers most of the night clubs are also open where you will be able to enjoy the midnight celebrations if you are more of a night owl.

Regardless of where you are in Peru there will be fireworks at midnight. It is best celebrated in Lima where the amount of fireworks can truly be overwhelming. The noise begins to die down at around 1AM so try to be active and enjoy Peru as us locals would with good food, Christmas music, your loved ones and some hot chocolate and Paneton.

To plan a vacation to Peru for the Holidays or more information on travel contact us at info@karikuy.org or Visit our website and our Holiday Tour Package.

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