How to Secure your Inca Trail Permits

Inca Trail

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru is one of the most Amazing hikes in the World. With it’s growing popularity the permits to hike the Inca Trail have become increasingly difficult to secure. Here are some tips and recommendations to secure your permit this Summer and hike the Inca Trail in 2018. To make a quick reservation or check availability you can contact us here.

  • Plan to book your trek at least 4 months in advance, May and June are already sold out due to popularity. March and April are close to selling out with more availability from July onward.
  • The Inca Trail only goes by the name the 4 Day Inca Trail or Classic Inca Trail, do not confuse this trek with the Jungle Inca Trail which is another trek with a different route. Some tour companies may try to confuse you and sell you the Jungle Inca Trail should the Inca Trail not be available. Don’t be fooled.
  • In case the Inca Trail is sold out on the day you want to hike, ask your travel company for alternative dates, or the closest available date.
  • If there is no availability for the date you want to hike consider booking the 2 Day Inca Trail or the alternative treks such as the Salkantay Trek, Jungle Inca Trail or Lares Trek which do not require a permit and have more availability.
  • Don’t forget to Include Huayna Picchu Mountain hike which is an optional hike at Huayna Picchu as this pass also sells out in advance and should be booked along with your trek, avoid adding it later as it will likely no longer be available.
  • To secure a permit there are many tour operators that offer the trek at different prices. Keep in mind that all operators take the same route on the Inca Trail to get to Machu Picchu and have the same campsites.
  • Be prepared to pay at least a 50% Deposit to secure your permit. If you are not asked for a deposit you are not being booked on the Inca Trail but an alternative trek. Government regulations ask for up front payment for the permits and relevant passport information to secure a permit in your name.

If the above seems overwhelming then we are more then glad to help make the process easier, simply fill out the form below and check availability or make your reservations directly. For more information on the Inca Trail you can visit our website as well. Safe Travels!

Julio C. Tello

Founder of Karikuy, an organization in Peru that brings travelers to visit and explore the country. Julio also runs the Karikuy Volunteer program and is the editor of this blog. Julio likes to write about his adventures in Peru as well as Peruvian folklore, mysteries and secluded locations.

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