Why Not Visit Peru Next February?

If you wish to travel abroad next year, make sure you visit Peru during February. February is a great time to be in Peru when the South American nation is engrossed in festivals and fiestas. Your holiday becomes even more special when you spend Valentine’s Day there. Valentine’s Day is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show in Peru. It is not just a celebration of love but friendship as well. Valentine’s Day called “Dia del Amor y la Amistad” in Peru i.e. “Day of Love and Friendship” was declared as national holiday by the government in 2012 and today tourists from all over the world flock to Peru to join in extended festivities around Valentine’s Day.

If you are in Lima on Valentine’s Day with your partner, take a look at the larger than life sculpture “El Beso” (“The Kiss”) facing the Pacific Ocean that showcases passionate lip-lock between a couple. Located in the precincts of Parque del Amor (Love Park) in Miraflores district of Lima, the sculpture was unveiled in 1993.

It is designed by a famous Peruvian artist Victor Delfín known for his avant-garde sculptures, paintings, and tapestries. The park even holds annual kissing contest on Valentine’s Day. Newlywed couples and lovers throng the park to pose with the sculpture of love.

With Carnaval festivities at their peak on Valentine’s Day, Peruvian cities see a lot of fanfare.

Cajamarca along with Puno and Ayacucho are the best cities to be in to enjoy the Carnaval festiveness. The cities bustle with snazzy parades, funky music, and vivid costumes. In Cajamarco, the traditional dance around yunsa tree is quite popular among locals. The age-old custom called cortamonte or tree-chopping involves couples taking turns to chop the gift-laden tree while revolving around it. As soon as the tree falls you’ll find people dashing at the tree to grab the gifts.

The Carnaval festivities can be enjoyed in Lima as well though at a relatively smaller scale. Water fights is a common phenomenon during Carnaval where people love to through bucket loads of water at each other.  You ought to be careful from lurking water showers while moving across the city in February. Apart from that, it is common to see friends and family exchange orchids on Valentine’s Day. Orchid naturally grows all over in Peru and is easily available. Valentine’s Day is also a day when you find mass weddings across Peru. There are so many people who wish to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day that there is a dearth of venues and group weddings is the only option left for most.

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