Don’t Forget to Visit These 5 Steakhouses in Lima

Steaks are a rage in Lima and are served across many steakhouses. With no dearth of options it can get difficult for you to choose the right one.  The following are the top five steakhouses of Lima known for their superior quality and great service.


  1. Carnal Prime Steakhouse


Carnal Prime is one of the best steakhouses with assortment of American and Japanese cuts. American Angus steak, Wagyu beef, rib bone eye, wedge salad and truffle French fries are some of the best dishes on the menu. Order beef sliders as an appetizer. Nice décor, tony bar, scrumptious seafood, and friendly staff apt at recommendations add to its glory.


  1. El Hornero


The steakhouse is appealing for its traditional Spanish setting.  Overlooking the beach, El Hornero’s steaks are as good as the view. Baby beef and bife de lomo are cooked to order and seasoned well. Pepper steak is tender and succulent accompanied by spicy pepper sauce. Fine service, nice portions, and salubrious salads make up for the high price.


  1. D’ Tinto & Bife


Wine barrels, old wooden wine racks, and ponchos hanging on the wall give this place a rustic feel. Skirt steak, osso bucco, filet mignon, and rib eye are grilled to order and are popular among diners. Large portions, good wine selection and excellent service make your dining experience memorable. Basic knowledge of Spanish is helpful while placing the order.


  1. La Cabrera Peru


La Cabrera is conspicuous with its corner façade. Steaks are tender and cooked to precision and served with lettuce salad, fries and a number of side dishes. Sirloin bone steak and rib eye steak are flattering. Order empanadas and beef heart barbeque for starters. Polite and attentive waiters readily overcome any language barriers.


  1. Baco & Vaca


Baco & Vaca greets you with comfy ambiance and aureate lighting ideal for business lunches and family dinners. Angus steak is cooked to perfection. Please yourself with assorted bread basket, interesting salads, and side dishes. Baco & Vaca is value for money. Bilingual waiters, cocktails, and wine selection are fringe benefits.


Savor the best steaks in Lima

Cooked to perfection, juicy and flavorful, steaks in Lima are to die for. Waiters are very good at recommendations and go all out to overcome language barriers. Even so, basic knowledge of Spanish is always helpful while traveling and eating in Peru.

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