10 Reasons to Learn Spanish in Peru

Many people come to Peru to give a head start to their Spanish learning journey because Peru gives you much more than it takes. In fact, if we looked at the number of youngsters who visit Peru for more than a few weeks, most are interested in learning Spanish. So, what makes Peru the de-facto destination for learning Spanish? Is it the food? the culture? Or something else? Let us find out why Peru is one of the best places in the world to learn Spanish.

  1. Peru is a Spanish-speaking country

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Peru among other official languages of Quechua and Aymara. Spanish conquest in 1533 led to the collapse of Inca Empire and Peru was suffused with Spanish as mainstream language.

2. Affordable

There are many high-quality, value for money Spanish courses available in Lima, Cusco and other cities of Peru. You have a variety of options to choose from based on your budget and location.

3. Experience Peruvian culture

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Peru through its museums, ancient and modern art, nightlife, festivals, food and drinks. After all, cultural immersion is the best way to learn and practice a language.

4. Make friends with locals because they are friendly

It is easy to strike a conversation with Peruvians. City dwellers in Lima are so polite and genuine that your need for a congenial company in a foreign land is easily fulfilled.

5. Top-notch resources for Spanish language learners

Visit some of the best libraries in Lima like The Library of the San Francisco Monastery and Public Library of Lima to enhance your Spanish reading skills. Browse and buy books on different subjects from popular bookstores like Librería El Virrey, Epoca in Miraflores.

6. Qualified teachers

Learn Spanish from professional native Spanish teachers who make language learning easy and fun. Language schools like Amauta in Cusco, Peruwayna in Lima have certified language teachers from top Peruvian universities.

7. Experience Peruvian hospitality

Peruvians are by nature ebullient and vibrant. While walking down a street in Lima, you’ll easily spot people laughing and smiling. Address them with Buenos Dias (Good Day) and they’ll go all out to guide you.

8. Teach English to locals (adults and children), and get trained in Spanish in return

Many language schools offer opportunities of field learning through volunteering in social work, education, tourism etc. Your Spanish speaking skills are improved while you engage in cross-cultural learning and working experience.

9. Peruvian literature and music help you learn Spanish better

Enhance your Spanish writing skills by reading Peru’s rich literature influenced by its colonial past and subjects like war of the Pacific. Improve your Spanish listening skills by hearing Peru’s enchanting music; a miscellany of Andean, Spanish, and African influence.

10. There are Spanish language courses for all levels

Whether you are at beginner, intermediate or advanced level, there are courses for learners at all levels. Your Spanish skills are polished in every form from speaking and listening to reading and writing.

Head to Peru for Spanish

Spanish is a native language of Peru. Affordability, cultural immersion, local hospitality, qualified teachers, resources and courses for all levels make Peru an ideal destination for honing your Spanish skills.

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